50% OFF - Square Dark Grey Mesh Cover

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Square Raised Pet Bed Actual Dimensions cm - W89 x L92 x H18 Sleeping size cm - W89 x L73 cm Supports weight - 75kg/165lb

Our mesh covers are made from a tough plastic coated polyester and have the following advantages:

Breathable, air flow allows dogs to regulate body temperature. Dust and hair drops through mesh. Very easy to clean and can withstand chemical cleaners such as bleach and trigone if required. Dries almost instantly so can be back in use within minutes. Can be left outdoors as water drains through the open weave. Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis. Ideal for dogs with allergies as stops dust mites from breeding in bedding. Continence issues, puppy training pads can be inserted between the double layer mesh catching any accidents. Good for dogs with longer coats as they appreciate the air flow. Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis. Doesn't harbour smells.