Purplebone Halved Deer Antler Dog Chew

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Your dog will work for prolonged periods chewing at the tasty inner antler marrow or away at the ultra long lasting durable antler shell.

Suited to all levels of chewers, the split antler dog chew is an ideal rawhide replacement, to be enjoyed by larger breeds down to teething puppies. 

Rich in calcium and phosphorus, essential for bone and teeth growth. Which can be part of a raw fed diet.

Antlers have a very low scent profile and will not rot unlike other chews.

Similarly like toys, tough chew treats like the antler will help reduce anxieties and destructive tendencies in dogs.

Place around your home to keep teething dogs busy from chewing your sofa or shoes.

50-80 grams each, variable size. Vegetarian; Free from Additives, Grain & Gluten; Hypoallergenic.

Naturally Fallen in Scotland

Sourced from healthy Scottish deer, our antlers are hand picked as they naturally fall each year. These deer live a natural life feeding off the land, free from hormones or additives.

Unlike bones, antlers will not splinter, whilst withstanding days of chewing making them more accessible to many dogs.