Purplebone Soft Venison Deer Chew Sticks

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Our luxurious grade soft venison dog treat chews are a proven favourite among thousands of dogs and their owners worldwide and a healthy alternative to rawhide.

A flavoursome chew designed to fit around all moments of you and your dogs lifestyle. Give to your dog whole, or tear off small pieces to be used as a helpful training aid.

Venison meat is made up of Protein; Oil; Fat and Fibre. Makes up a perfectly balanced diet. Part of both a raw fed diet and a hypo-allergenic diet, suitable for dogs with food intolerances.

Venison is not a hugely common meat in dog food, we advise that if your dog is new to venison introduce it into their diet slowly. Feeding too much too soon may cause upset bellies.

Sourced from sustainably farmed Scottish Red Deer where the animals have led a natural life in the wild feeding on grasses, berries and heather.

Free from hormones, additives or antibiotics.

8 pieces in a pack, all measuring 14cm. Free from Additives.

Packed in a resealable bag for extra freshness.