Mulberry Cuddle Soft & Plum Velvet Luxury Nest

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Our luxury nest attaches to the HiK9 bed with quick release clips. The inner pad is reversible so both sides can be used, with this design you have a cuddle soft on one side and a velvet on the other. The nest helps create a safe place for your dog and allows them the snuggle into the sides.

The cuddle soft is a super plush fabric and has been found to help calm dogs down and help with stress and anxiety. It is a warmer fabric helping keep your pet warm all night. 

The velvet is ideal for winter or colder nights use, providing a softer surface to touch adding a little extra comfort to the bed. 


This is a Limited Edition colour way and is not guaranteed to be restocked.

The inner is machine washable at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry.

The outer we suggest to spot clean.

After Care Instructions