• Why HiK9?

    Our beds are perfect for all dogs, with no pressure points on their joints providing a comfortable place to sleep. At HiK9 we eliminate all smells, mildew and damp bedding making it practical and perfect for dogs with skin allergies. 

  • Mesh or Canvas?

    The mesh covers are breathable allowing airflow to regulate your pets temperature. Water, dust and dirt falls through the cover and to clean simply hose/wipe down. The canvas covers don't allow anything to pass through and stops unwanted draughts.

  • Do I need a topper?

    Toppers help provide extra comfort to your HiK9 bed, they all attach to the frame so your pet can't drag them off. All toppers have different advantages and most have several uses mainly being reversible and different fabrics for different weathers.

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Build Your HiK9 Bed


Step 1

Select the colour of your frame between silver, matte black and stainless steel

Step 2

Choose either mesh or canvas for your cover

Step 3

Decide between one of our many toppers for extra comfort for your furry friend

Step 4

Your bed comes with standard feet, want to upgrade to HD feet? Ideal for wooden floors, tiles and outdoor use

Step 5

Your bed is complete!