Our Testimonials

"Hi Guys,

Just wanted to contact you regarding your HiK9 beds, I have had the pleasure of keeping dogs for about 25 years and over these years have tried so many different products and countless amount of dog beds and bedding. Until last year I thought Vet bedding was the best solution but now after almost 2 years I must admit the HiK9 beds are simply the best!
They tick all boxes, They are clean, & hygienic, pretty to look at, extremely durable and the dogs seem to select a HiK9 beds over any other beds on offer. The accessories are by far the best quality accessories I have ever seen. When you compare the cost of a HiK9 and the durability over years these beds work out so much cheaper than any other bed on the market. I cannot recommend them high enough."

Dublin, Ireland - Dog Food Direct 

"We've been using the Hi-K9 dog beds for our flatcoated retrievers for many years now and they are the best bed they've ever had! We love the mesh cover, as all the mud just falls through to the bottom and we can just hoover it up easily. The mesh covers do not stain or hold smells and allow the dogs to dry much quicker and stay cool in the summer months. No more doggy smells and the best bit is that they are super comfy, gentle on their joints and they love being raised off the floor."




"The Hi-K9 dog beds are a fantastic product , which solves all our clients' dog needs in one! They keep dogs off the floor, away from cold hard floors and drafts. Dogs love being raised off the floor, so we find that all dogs absolutely love these beds and they have actually preferred them to the sofa! Being made of light aluminium, they do not rust and are easy to move around the house, store away, hoover underneath and transport anywhere. Many clients take them wherever their dog goes, as it provides a familiar, safe haven for the dog to settle down. The handy carry bag allows easy transport of the bed anywhere. The aluminium frame is great for those puppy stages, where dogs love destroying everything. Yes, some will nibble at the cover, but they soon give up and it allows our customers to replace their covers easily, when the pup is over their destruction stage or just to change their décor. This is the one bed we recommend to all our clients."

Canine Concepts



As business manager of an established pet hotel in Cheshire I am always looking at ways to improve our facilities and enrich the lives of the pets in our care. One of my concerns was the lack of suitable beds for the dogs we have staying with us. The traditional hard plastic beds look scruffy and untidy and also are hazardous as they become chewed and leave sharp jagged edges. I was looking for something lightweight, easy to clean and that was smart and appealing to the eye. Thank goodness for The Original Hi K9 raised pet beds - what a find! These smart looking raised beds instantly improved the dogs sleeping quarters giving a uniform look to our kennels. Being off the floor keeps the dogs dry and draught free. They are extremely lightweight and so easy to scrub clean between guests!
The customer service is second to none with staff being helpful, friendly & courteous. Even when a couple of the beds became damaged, Lee was quick to replace free of charge. Now that's service. I would definitely recommend this company and their products.

 Antonio - Summer Hill Pet Hotel



"To give you some feedback - our pups love your beds. I find it incredible how well the mesh has stood up to both dogs jumping (yes, jumping!) and playing on them - they are around 35kg and 42kg...! We have a mesh one on the porch, a canvas one indoors and are looking to get another one for outside.

We've found the mesh to be very easy to clean too, particularly when our last dog was ill and regurgitated multiple times a day. We're continuing to use the mesh outdoors, even with the rainy/colder weather as it dries so quickly. I've been wanting to put the vet-bed sleeve on but it seems the mesh is more practical and the dogs are happy with it."



Hello, just thought I would let you know that our Bichon Ollie had his bed delivered today thank you. It was very easy to put together, I also ordered a lovely fleece cover for the colder weather. Ollie loves his new bed as you can see, he also loved the packaging too.

Thank you very much for your help and quick delivery.
Kind regards Ollie and Karen Walker Eastbourne


"Bertie, our year old cocker has taken to his Hi-K9 bed like a duck to water. Or in his case like a cocker spaniel to water! He has often come in wet and covered in mud. When he goes to his bed he dries quickly as the air flows beneath him, and all the dirt and dead hair fall through the mesh and end up on the floor. Easy for us to clean and it means that he is not lying in his own debris, as he has suffered from demodex mites we are pleased he does not have to lie in bedding which may become infected. The airflow beneath him keeps him cool on hot days, which is great, as it is not easy keeping cool when you are black, fluffy and can only pant to try to cool down. A quick dip in the paddling pool and a relax on his bed and we have a happy boy! We are all very pleased with the Hi-K9 bed and recommend it to all of our dog owning friends."



"Hi, just wanted to let you know how much the dogs love their new bed.
We've tried lots of dog beds before - plastic ones, soft ones, blankets etc but they all sat there unused. My mum and I first saw your beds at Olympia last year, but decided not to get one as we thought it might just end up in the corner with the rest of them. We then regretted this decision but we couldn't remember the name of your company and had lost the leaflet so we were pleased to see you at Discover Dogs last Sunday and left with a medium bed for our 2 year old border collie, Indie.
As soon as we got home I put the bed together (surprised by how easy this was to do) including the vetbed cover and Indie immediately jumped on. As soon as he left the bed our 14 year old mongrel Mollie took his place and on the rare occasion that neither dog is on the bed (usually when their out being walked as they don't move from it if they're home) the cats are making themselves comfy on it.
We will definitely be investing in another bed for Mollie

Great to see you at Chatsworth again this year, we now have 6 of your beds and wouldn't ever go back to any other bed now.  We've saved a fortune over the last year!

Thank you so much!"

Jane, Steve & the girls



"Best bit of kit we've ever bought for our dogs!  Have recommended to all or dog owning friends."

Paul Davis



"We bought our Rottweiler, Baxter, a large raised bed after he voluntarily climbed on to one at a country fair at Harwood House last September for a rest.  He never climbs onto anything because he has bad hips so we took the chance – these aren’t cheap beds after all - and he’s never looked back.

He loves this bed and clearly finds it very comfy. His hips have improved a lot since he’s been sleeping on it, not least because the bed is always dry and he’s not lying in damp bedding. An added bonus is that we have less ‘dog’ smell because the bed is raised up from the floor so the air circulates much more, and you can wash and dry the cover in a very short time. All in all a really great buy, so much so that I’ve just ordered another for our new Weshi, Bella, because she insists on leaving her own bed and sneaking on the end of Baxter’s when we’re not looking! He’s very tolerant of this new addition to the household but not enough to share his lovely bed without grumbling.

Oh, and this company are very good to deal with – prompt and reliable in their service. So if you’re thinking of buying one I’d say go ahead."

Gill Musson



"I went to Crufts 2016 and bought my dog a HiK9 bed. I didn't know what he would make of it but thought it was worth a try. I put it up this morning and Max has barely moved from it since! Brilliant bed and well worth the money and Max agrees! Thanks again will definitely recommend!"

Rebekah Lavende



"I use HiK9 beds at home for my Labrador and at the practice for inpatients. At home my dog loves the comfort and support given by a raised bed. She’s getting older so it is important to keep her away from draughts, the support it gives helps reduce pressure on her joints increasing her comfort and, therefore, quality of sleep. We use both the cosy sleeve and the reversible pads as they can both go through the wash, are easy to dry and, most importantly, are comfortable for the dog. At work sterility is essential so the ease with which the mesh covers can be cleaned or replaced after a patient has used them is important. They are particularly useful to give additional comfort for a dog that is recovering from surgery or for those with mobility problems."

Kate Austin, BVMS, MRCVS

Trafford Veterinary Service


"I truly love these beds and so do my dogs! I have never had beds that are funky, cool, durable, lightweight, transportable, easy to clean and ultimately adored by my dogs! They really are super! From funky covers to mesh that can stay outside these beds really do have it all! I happily endorse these beds for boundary training too as well as a comfy place to snuggle up! I couldn't be happier with my HI K9 bed!"

Lauren Langman - Devon Dogs



Fabulous beds! We use them at home and in the kennels and the dogs love them. The bite guards are a must for chewers.

Matt and Emily


Just wanted to say how great my new dog bed is!
So comfortable and the cosy sleeve is so fluffy and soft, I love it.
Mummy might have to get another one for Molly as I really don't want to share this bed.