About Us

We are known by many names throughout the pet world, The Original, HiK9 or The Original (KLM) Ltd to give us our full title, is owned and run by Katherine, Lee, Molly and a small tight knit team (hence the KLM in our name). Based in Manchester with our four whippets Pebble, Slate, Gneiss & Marble and our cat Poppy we love nothing more than escaping each weekend to attend Game Fairs, County Shows & Dog Shows, meeting our customers and their four legged friends.

Our aim is to rid the world of smelly dog beds and produce versatile products that fit into a variety of different environments. We are constantly designing new products to add to our range and strive to provide our customers with new, practical, quality items with The Original... twist.

A family run business we thrive on your comments, suggestions and input.  Wherever practical we try to conserve the planet and energy, sourcing and packaging our products accordingly.

Please enjoy The Original ... and all its products.

Katherine, Lee & Molly McKay