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Which is the better fabric for my bed, mesh or canvas?

Both of our covers have their own advantages!

Our mesh covers are made from a tough, plastic coated polyester and are fully machine washable, they can even be wiped or mopped down with cleaners such as trigene if required.

The mesh allows dust and hair to fall through and it makes the bed breathable, creating air flow and regulating your pets temperature. 

Perfect for dogs who love to get wet and dirty and it also stops any dust mites from breeding in their bedding, along with cutting out smells.

Our canvas covers are made from a polyester fabric backed with a waterproof coating, this means that water or air can not pass through, stopping any unwanted draughts.

This is a softer feel fabric and the dust and hair will collect on top making it easy to brush or vacuum off.

The cover is fully machine washable at 40 degrees or you can jet wash it outside as a quicker alternative.

TIP: Did you know you can put puppy training pads between the double layer mesh if your pet struggles wth any incontinence issues, this saves a lot of cleaning up!

Best bit of kit we've ever bought for our dogs!  Have recommended to all or dog owning friends.

Paul Davis

I have never had beds that are funky, cool, durable, lightweight, transportable, easy to clean and ultimately adored by my dogs!

Lauren Langman - Devon Dogs

Fabulous beds! We use them at home and in the kennels and the dogs love them. The bite guards are a must for chewers.

Matt and Emily
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