Our Size Suggestions

"What size does my dog need?" is a question we get asked a lot and we try to advise to the best of our knowledge. However, it all depends on how your dog sleeps, be it stretched out or curled up in a ball. Below are the dimensions, sleeping sizes and ideal dogs for each size. 

Extra Small Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W36 x L64 x H11

Sleeping Size (cm) - W36 x L45

Supports - 40KG/88LB

Ideal size for - Papillon, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and all cats.

Small Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W49 x L73 x H15

Sleeping Size (cm) - W49 x L55

Supports - 40KG/88LB

Ideal size for - Jack Russell, Shihtzu, Cavalier, Pug and Frenchie.

Medium Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W59 x L92 x H18

Sleeping Size (cm) - W59 x L73

Supports - 50KG/110LB

Ideal size for - Border Collie, Springer Spaniel and Whippets.

Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W69 x L111 x H21

Sleeping Size (cm) - W69 x L90

Supports - 70KG/154LB

Ideal size for - Labrador, Retriever, Dalmatian and Weimaraner.

Extra Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W80 x L126 x H23

Sleeping Size (cm) - W80 x L114

Supports - 95KG/209LB

Ideal size for - Great Dane, Deerhound and Newfoundland.

Extra Extra Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W89 x L145 x H28

Sleeping Size (cm) - W89 x L128

Supports - 100KG/220LB

Ideal size for - Large dogs that like to share.

Hallway Bed

Dimensions cm - W59 x L145 x H28

Sleeping size cm - W59 x L128 

Supports weight - 81kg/180lb 

Ideal size for - Dogs that like to share. 

Square Bed

Dimensions cm - W89 x L92 x H18

Sleeping size cm - W89 x L73 

Supports weight - 75kg/165lb

Ideal size for - Labrador, Retriever, Dalmatian and Weimaraner and Small dogs sharing. 

Measuring your bed

We frequently get told by customers that they are unsure of the size of bed they have. An easy way to to determine this is to measure the width (shortest side) of the bed from the outside of the metal to the outside edge of the metal.

Our Beds should measure:

Extra Small - 36cm

Small - 49cm

Medium - 59cm

Large - 69cm

Extra Large - 80cm

Extra Extra Large - 89cm