Our Cover Suggestions

"Which cover is right for my dog?" is a question we frequently get asked at HiK9 and you may find yourself asking the same thing. Our HiK9 Raised Pet Beds come with 3 different types of covers with all 3 suiting different dogs and environments. Our mesh is by far the most popular cover, offering practicality and easy cleaning. Our canvas is a soft touch, water proof cover and our Heavy Duty offers added strength for heavier dogs. 


Our mesh covers are made from a tough plastic coated polyester and have the following advantages:

  • Breathable, Air flow allows dogs to regulate body temperature
  • Dust and hair drops through the mesh
  • Very easy to clean and can withstand cleaners such as trigene if required 
  • Dries almost instantly so can be back in use within minutes
  • Can be left outdoors as water drains through the open weave
  • Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis
  • ideal for dogs with allergies as stops dust mites from breeding in bedding
  • Continence issues - puppy training pads can be inserted between the double layer mesh catching any accidents
  • Good for dogs with longer coats as they appreciate the air flow
  • Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis
  • Doesn’t harbour smells


Our canvas covers are made from a polyester fabric backed with a waterproof coating and have the following advantages:

  • Doesn’t allow air or water to pass through
  • A softer feel fabric
  • Dust hair and dirt are collected on top and wont stick to the fabric but can be brushed off easily
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Stops unwanted draughts


Our Heavy Duty Mesh offers all the same advantages as our normal mesh. However there are added benefits.

  • Stronger mesh suitable for heavier dogs
  • Offers a double sized velcro
  • Slippery material to help prevent scratching and digging